Ibercharcoal is a Portuguese company, young and with immense experience in production, import and export of charcoal, coming from all over the world.

What we do

           We make the whole process from the production, import, packaging and consequent commercialization.

          - Production: We buy and select the best woods with which we produce the best vegetable charcoal for domestic use, produced by a subcontracted team with the maximum guarantee of quality.

         - Importation: In order to complement the huge demand for charcoal, we import from several countries, mainly from local producers and also in cooperation with international partners.

          - Packaging: We have our own packaging line, which allows us to pack with our brand and also for our own brands. This process allows us to substantially increase the quality of the product, passing through a screening process until the finished packaging and its palletizing, according to the customer's request.



           In the packaging process we also have partnerships with other units, eliminating any need.


                Screening options: Low cost and Premium.


About Us


Customers and Target Markets

             We are dedicated to the wholesale market. We try to work with differentiated clients, namely Other packers, Resellers, Cash & Carry's, Supermarkets, among others.

Together with logistics partners, we deliver throughout the country and abroad.

In grouping or complete loads:

              - Sea transport, containers 40 HC / 45 PW.
              - Roadway, full truck or groupage.


Environment and Quality

      The environment is a concern for all of us, so we seek to ensure that the resources used comply with the European standards by which we are governed: "Regulation (EU) nº 995/2010 applied in Portugal through Dec. Law no. 76/2013, of 5 June, has as its main concern the placing on the market of the European Union of illegally harvested timber. This regulation establishes a set of obligations for operators - understood in terms of Article 2 (c) of Regulation (EU) No 995/2010, as any natural or legal person placing on the market timber or timber products - in particular that of exercising due diligence. To this end, operators should use a set of procedures and measures, known as the 'due diligence system', which are set out in Article 6 of the Regulation. "

         We prefer charcoal reforested or from cleanings (ex: Eucalyptus, pine, etc.) or from invasive species (ex: Marabu).

          The quality of our products / services and customer satisfaction are our top priorities on a daily basis. With the experience gained over the years, we have realized that the satisfaction of a customer or a market is not only in the quality of the product but also in the price. As much as we want, it is not always possible to add both. For this reason, we selected and divided charcoal by categories:


          - For domestic use: (ex: 2 kg to 10 kg)

                    Lowcost / Premium granulometry option


          - For professional use: (ex: 10 kg to 18 kg)

                    Category of Charcoal: Standard / Premium / Golden



Product Trading

IberEnterprise is a Portuguese trademark registered by Ibercharcoal and aims to help all our potential customers and suppliers to find the best business opportunities in a serious and safe manner.


We trade all over the world and sell some of our food and non-food products.

Visit our website for more informations: www.iberenterprise.pt

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